The Product


Intelli-Plan is a suite of graphical blocks which allow you to visualise and predict the performance
of a project, business operation or manufacturing process. The basic blockset includes delays,
gateways, diverts, resourcers, loaders, broadcasters, pools and calendars but users can build their
own specialist blocks from this basic set.

In the real world,a machine can break down and need repair,a supplier can fail to deliver on time
or a piece of work might have to be done again. Costs and job times are never fully known in advance. Intelli-Plan allows you to evaluate risks and develop risk containment or control strategies by giving an easy to use suite of statistical functions and a framework that supports multiple solving (Monte carlo simulations) . It is also easy to set up controlled experiments using Intelli-plan models.

Real world process performance is also affected by resource availability, works calendars and so
on. Intelli-plan allows users to create multiple calendars for multiple processes. It also allows users
to set up resources in pools. Resource prioritisation and the use of options is easily accomplished.
As it is fully graphical, Intelli-plan models are self documenting.

Intelli-Plan allows you to model numerous aspects of business performance. You can model costs,
time, emissions, resource and personnel requirements along with many other parameters.
Intelli-plan fits into the family of software products know as DES (discrete event simulation). Its
particular strengths are :

1) Its user interface. The software can be taken at multiple levels. Basic users can drag, drop, set
and connect blocks from the library to rapidly produce a process performance simulation. They
can visualise how their processes run and, assuming they are using random functions for their
inputs, get meaningful bell curves for their outputs. Users can setup variables to drive the model
and collect data. They can setup experiments examining the effect of individual or sets of driver
variables. The building of specialist libraries and templates is made easy by the way the
interface works. Finally users can control the graphics of the model with ease.

2) The ability for the user to make running calculations – eg for cost, WIP, CO2 emmisions etc
during the solve. All variable assignments can be linked to events in the model – increasing
further the power of the system

3) Visual maths. Intelli-plan allows users to use symbols to show mathematical constructs.

4) The ability to assign, recycle or use up resources with prioritisation and alternative options
Intelli-Plan supports anything that includes time based processes. This includes project planning,
process planning, quality engineering, risk analysis, industrial engineering, maintenance, personnel
and contract management,Investment analysis etc.

This picture shows some of the main features:

We suggest you look at the demos or the case studies to get a better idea of what the software is capable of.